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Hermosillo is  located centrally in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora. It is the capital and largest city as well as the main economic center for the state and region, with a population of over 1 million people. The city population spur is due to its recent strong industrialization, especially in the automotive and agricultural industry. 

Sonora is a very popular hunting destination and its very familiarized with hunters, its an easy process through customs when bringing your gun.  Upon your arrival customs will check your rifle, we handle all gun permits prior to your arrival along with notifying Mexico customs of your necessary permits. We personally find our clients at Hermosillo Airport and drive them to our hunting areas.

We have 4 main hunting areas (North camp, Main Camp, South Camp and Tiburon Island). All of them within 1 and 2 hours from Hermosillo Airport. 


Getting to Sonora is easy; There's a direct short flight to Hermosillo International Airport from Phoenix Arizona.

All of our ranches have nice lodges to stay, professional cooks, helpers, experienced guides, hunting cars with high racks with chofers. We limit the number of hunters each season to a number we feel each area can more than withstand.

Sonora Mexico
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