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  • Why should I choose Derick Lopez Outfitters?
    For a number of reasons! Convenience. Just one phone call or email to book your hunt and we’ll make sure you have a wonderful hunting trip. You won't need to worry about extras, we offer all inclusive packages including pickup at airport with weapon assistace, transportation to and from hunting areas, lodging with professional cooks, guide 1x1, personal hunting truck with driver, helpers at camp, skinners to take care of your hunting trophy while at camp. Great value-for-money. Because we are hunting only the best ranches in Sonora. We take care of our hunting areas year long, we hunt in ranchess where we know our customers will feel safe and comfortable but mostly will be happy with the quality of the game they are seeing. Location. Our hunting areas are not far from Hermosillo international airport, making it safe and convenient. Experience. Our guides and staff have plenty of experience in the field, many with over 30 years on the field, they have quality gear and equipment and are well prepared to assist you.
  • What should I wear? What gear should I bring?
    Layered clothing is the key to comfort. It is cold in the mornings and late afternoons and could be very warm during the afternoon. Make sure you bring a comfortable warm jacket as it may get chilly on the mornings and late afternoons, comfortable breathable hunting shoes suggested for walking and small hikes. Bring strong pants for walks trough the desert bush. Our guides are equipped with quality binoculars, it is optional for you to bring but is always good to have, remeber "more eyes the better". Hunting scopes are rarely needed, in the case you are hunting on an area or trophy (Desrt bighorn Sheep) it is required our staff and guides will bring ours with them, this will be optional for you to bring as well. Hat for our strong sun during the afternoons, sunscreen and sun glasses are good to bring as well.
  • What are the chances of shooting a Deer?
    We like to think every hunter has a chance to shoot one at some point of the hunt, it could be first hour of the hunt or last. You have to be patient or lucky. Our hunting areas are well populated and we know there's good quality game at every place we take you, its just a matter of finding the right trophy for you. Weather can be rarely an issue but in that case it is normally pretty good after some bad weather days, so again, be patient and be ready! Remeber all of our hunts are fair chasing, free range hunts, its hunting, although i would like to sa y we have had over 90% success rate on the last two years.
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    Bookings cancelled are non-refundable but you have the option to reschedule for any other date during the same hunting season booked. If you need to reschedule to a different year for a different matter we could do that if told 6 months prior of arrival date. If we need to cancel due to an outfitter's issue related matter, Covid, or federal travel safety related matters we will refund you 100%.
  • Is Sonora a safe place to visit?
    We get this question a lot, we understand news and federal recomendatios may say different sometimes, but Sonora is a safe place to visit. People whom you may have heared that have had problems in the past or news on the television are people who were on the wrong place (usually close to the border) at the wrong moment. Or just bad people who are involved in bad things. Coming in and out of the state as a tourist with a mexican outfitter has never been an issue. Sonora receives thousands of hunters around the world every year, coming in and out and clearing your gun from customs is an easy process. Hunting in known areas and ranches is ideal and thats why our hunting areas have been under our management for a long time now. In over 30 years of our outfitting we have had ZERO problems and that is why we assure Sonora is a safe state for you to visit.
  • How do I pay for my hunt? Do I get a hunting contract with outfitter?
    After sending an email requesting to book a hunt, we will provide you with available dates and answer your existing questions, after everything has been agreed, we will send you a contract for you to read and sign, payment options will be written under this contract; wire, check or deposit to our US bank account.
  • Can a family member or friend accompany me during my hunting trip?
    Yes, there is a daily observer fee you can pay for a friend, family or camera man to accompany you during your hunt. Price varies depending on the area and hunt you are making, please ask your outfitter about it.
  • Can I bring my trophy back with me?
    Yes you can, Mexican and US forms and requirements need to be fullfilled. We work closely with an agent in Hermosillo who can have everything ready for you when leaving Hermosillo. Another option is to leave them for export, our export agent will contact you for shipping information and pricings. Desert bighorn sheeps must stay due to Mexican federal requirements of drilling the pin in horns, aging, etc. This will be shipped with our export agent 1-4 months after your hunt is finished. Agent will contact you for shipping costs and pricings. We also offer taxidermy finished works, making it easier and faster for you to enjoy your trophy back home, ask your outfitter about this option if interested.
  • Do you have age or physical ability limits?
    No we don't. If you think you can do it, so do we. There's different hunting options: drive around in a car, up in a high rack on a truck, small walks, big or small hikes, sit at a waterhole, depending on what you want and are able to do we can arrange to do that type of hunting.
  • How far in advance should I book my hunt?
    Answer is easy, the sooner the better! Why? Most important: Price! Our prices are going up every year due to high demand on our hunts and limited number of tags plus constant raise of licenses and federal permits, booking with time assures you will have the best price at the time of booking. Tip: If booking a combo hunt savings are even bigger!
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